Paint Brush Kid by Clyde Bulla Level M (Fountas & Pinnell)

Companion Books—Chalk Box Kid (comes before this one)

Preteach— Read chapter 1 together if students have not already read Chalk Box Kid.

Vocabulary / word pronunciation that may need to be taught to some students Chapter 1—vacation, television, guitar, trouble, factories, breath, meant, garage, Pancho, excused, Jose, nursery,   Chapter 8-- celebration

Phonics/ word attack—long vowel review, ar sound

Spelling: Endings—drop e—shaking, waving

Comprehension focus: character traits

Chapter review

Chapter 1- Introduces characters and gives background of events in Chalk Box Kid.
Richard is lost and then found at Uncle Pancho’s
Discussion: Is he really their uncle? Why call him that?
How is Gregory’s life different from earlier in Chalk Box kid?

Discuss Richard's Character trait as shown when—
    p. 1- gives toast to Uncle Max
    p.3- doesn’t talk back to Uncle Max
Chapter 2- Gregory, Ivy and Richard go back to Uncle Pancho to listen to his stories of
Mexico. We learn background of Uncle Pancho. He was once married and his wife left
him with his son.
    p.12- Why does Mr. Brimm plan on painting Uncle Pancho’s house?
    p.15—What prompts Gregory’s idea to paint the house?

Chapter 3- Kids decide to paint house. They learn that Uncle Pancho had come to city and US to find son, but never found him.
    P22-3—Why does Gregory suggest painting pictures on the house?
                Why does Uncle Pancho respond as he does?
                    Is is a good idea?

Chapter 4- Gregory discusses problem with Mr.Hiller.
    Why doesn’t he discuss it with his family?
    Do you think Mr. Hiller thinks it is a good idea?
Chapter 5- Uncle Pancho asks him to paint house. Gregory suggests one picture to see if he likes the idea.
    Note first sentence of chapter.
    p.38-9- Discuss Ivy and Greg’s relationship as they paint (supportive and complimentary
        of each other)
    p.42—Some people laughed as they painted picture. Would you have?

Chapter 6—They paint house. Everyone watches. They find out the house is going to be torn
down for a freeway.
    P48-9—Discuss Uncle Pancho’s feelings.
    p.50—Discuss why Gregory finishes the picture even though the house is to be torn
    Should he have drawn Uncle Pancho’s son?

    (Review the 2-3 major problems in book. Which have been solved? Which not? Make a Prediction.

Chapter 7- Ms Cartright gets television to come . They hope this will save the house.
-Mr. Hiller suggests that this may help find Jose. They get on TV (Should Ivy have gone
to be interviewed?) Jose is not found and the house cannot be saved.
    p.68—Mr. Hiller says that he will be Uncle Pancho’s son. Explain/discuss.

Chapter 8—House is moved to Mr. Heller’s nursery./ There is a party. Uncle Max writes and
sings a song. Gregory realizes his Uncle is a good singer.
    -Why did author choose not to have Uncle Pancho find his son?
    -  Why does he end the book with Gregory thinking Uncle Max is a good singer?

k. Rogers