Title: Stone Fox         Author: John Reynolds Gardiner       Level: P (Fountas & Pinnell)

Content connection: adventure; dog sled racing; overcoming difficulties

(Note: Chapter titles provide story structure)

Chapter Review/ emphasis

Chapter 1— vocabulary: harmonica, ceiling, examination, proceeded  
                    Introduces Characters: Read to see what you learn about the characters.

                    Discussion: What do you think the problem is? What do you think is the cause?

                                         What clues lead you to that answer?
                                            (clues: tears in eyes; Dr. looks at field of potatoes; Dr—do you owe any money?)

                                        What is the setting, incl. when?

               note- p. 4— explain: "when cried beard filled up with tears”

Chapter 2        vocabulary: palm; harvested; signaled; irrigation

            Note first sentence--- Discuss meaning.

            ***P.12—gives clues to problem

        New problem--- p. 17—answer to why grandfather is sick; How is this related to first problem?

        visualization—potato field, plowing; carrying bags 60 pounds

        careful reading: p.21—harvests and sells potato crop, but grandfather says that is not a problem

Chapter 3—vocabulary: forge; exhausted; unhitched; impatiently; whereabouts; dangerous;
                                            outskirts of town

p.23—discuss meaning: “ask too many questions"

Why do they wait for 6 o’clock chimes?

p.26 --Why does the author talk about city slickers?

Chapter 4—vocabulary: twang of ricocheting bullet; derringer; authority; mustache;
                                         official (business), combing

            p. 30-Discuss meaning of —“LW had never heard a voice like that before. Not on this farm.”

            Make connection to chapter 2: p.32- m"an dressed as if he were going to a wedding”

            Discuss problem—Why didn’t grandpa pay tax?

        activity—Draw picture of Clifford Snyder using details from the text.

Chapter 5— vocabulary: Samoyeds (dog team); unison; his face was solid granite

                --Chapter introduces Stone Fox and race.

Chapter 6- vocabulary: contestants, acres, granite, legends

        Discussion: Should Willy have spent his college money? Should the banker have let him take the money out?

        visualization of stone fox (“by no means a lightly constructed man”)

        read together: ***p. 53- legend of Stone Fox

        What is the reason Stone Fox entered race?

        Why do you think author has Stone Fox not talking?

        Why is Willy not worried? Should he be?

Chapter 7—The Meeting

vocabulary: medicine; “rooting for you” embarrassed; treacherous; courage; deserted;

        Notice contrast—Little Willy; giant/massive Stone Fox

        Discuss: Why does Stone Fox hit him?

        Could this affect outcome of race?

        Why does Willy stop and see Stone Fox; Should he have told someone about
                his eye?

Chapter 8

        p. 67—notice the size description

        notice phrase: " face frozen like ice"

Chapter 9—The Race

vocabulary: (Would make a good Word Splash) teton mts. ; abrubt halt; positioned;
knuckles tension; hot pursuit; disqualified; forged ahead; challenger

Chapter 10 The Finish Line

        pp. 77 Dog dies—“head buried”


                Why does author have dog die? Were there any clues that this would happen?
                Why does Stone Fox do what he does?

        p.78 important page to discuss