Who Stole the Wizard of Oz by Avi Lv P (Fountas & Pinnell)

Genre: mystery

Book connections: : Winnie the Pooh, The Wizard of Oz, Through the Looking Glass,
                                    Treasure Island, Wind in the Willows

Concepts that may need to be pre-taught: will; used book sales, valuable/collector books

Comprehension Strategy:

            author’s style (detailed descriptions)
            connection of clues within text **

Vocabulary and or possible difficult words to decode:

            Character names: Toby, Chesterton, McPhearson, Gertrude Tobias,
            p.18- treasure p.20- bald goatee p.31- converted (into apartment)
            p.38 relatives p.43- socialize, tournament p.90- Badger
            p.91- enthusiastic, reluctantly p. 112- mirror

Chapter Notes:

Chapter 1: first 3 pages establish problem, setting and characters ;  rest of chapter –explores why she is a suspect

Chapter 2—Becky goes to library.
                    p.11-12—visualization of library. –Important for later chapter
                    ??Why is Miss Brattle so upset?

Chapter 3- Read to find details that could become important later
Chapter 4- What is special about Grandpa?
                -discuss meaning of “muck’s fine”
                -New clues—Tobias had died
                -p.28- Why does Toby suggest doing summer reading?

Chapter 5- Becky and Toby visit Miss McPhearson.
                    -p.31—Why would Becky back not want to go?
                    -discuss “something strange is going on. “ Why does Becky say this?

Chapter 6- discuss meaning of a “companion” and “tournament”       Kids go visit Mrs. Chesterton.
                    -p.38- clues
                    -remind studentsto connect clues to chapter 4, p. 29.

Chapter 7- Mrs. Chesterton tells about Miss Tobias.
                    -p.45- discuss—“Children like me smart. Grown-ups like me stupid.”
                    -p.46- discuss: “a good children’s book is a book of promises.”
                    -p.48- “left Miss McPhearson all her treasure” What is strange about that statement?
                    -p.49- letter from Aunt to Miss McPhearson leaving her children’s books./

Chapter 8—May want to read chapter together. Many clues and connections.     
                 -p. 53- discuss plaque- “A reader is not one who can read, but rather one who does read.”
                -p.54- note: reshelving hastily

Books stolen: Winnie the Pooh, The Wizard of Oz, Through the Looking glass, Treasure Island, Wind in the Willows

Chapter 9—Before reading—possibly have students make a list of important facts they know.

-Discuss meaning of -“air as thick as chocolate pudding”

-note use of words—leading--- bringing

-p.67- discuss Red/ White queen in Alice in the Looking Glass

-p.70 Discuss

Chapter 10- Ben’s Gunn’s Cave and Robebery in Gun store        
           -p.72-73—new clues **

            ??Do you agree the maps are clues?

Chapter 11-
            -p.81—More robberies occur.

Chapter 12—Try to solve clues and guess where it is.